Canada Beer and Spirits Inbound Trade Mission to Kentucky & Tennessee

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Canada Beer and Spirits Inbound Trade Mission to Kentucky & Tennessee

September 23 @ 8:00 am - September 26 @ 5:00 pm

Canada is a highly developed economic market and a leading export destination for U.S. agricultural products, offering a stable financial market and sophisticated logistics network supporting $136 million USD of daily two-way trade in food and agricultural products. Canada continues to be the top international market for U.S. consumer-oriented agricultural products, accounting for approximately 24 percent of the United States’ total global consumer-oriented agricultural export, which is forecast to reach a value of $20 billion in 2023. The Canadian beverage alcohol market is a highly competitive and sought-after jurisdiction due to government-controlled importing and large-scale retail distribution.



Our Giving Back Foundation

Bougie B for Single Moms was founded as a fundraising company for Single Moms. Devon Dempsey owner and CEO of Bougie Bitch, LLC believed that single moms in America were being ignored in there very REAL needs. She herself was a single mom for years. Since the start of Bougie B for Single Moms in October 2023, just 10 months after launching her first wine company product, Bougie B for Single Moms has already had the honor of helping two different Single Mom families.

The first family we helped was a single mom with three boys. This mom worked at night to try and keep up with the bills after she fed the kids plus made sure their homework was done. Bougie B for Single Moms took $1 from every Bougie product sold and put it in a fund to help a single mom for the holiday. This helped purchase a couple of gifts for each of the children.

When she could not afford a Christmas tree, Bougie B for Single Moms also purchased the single mom and her boys a tree and ornaments! As you know Christmas is a time for caring for each other and in addition to our cause, others in the community wanted to get involved as well! Two other families catered Christmas Dinner for her and her boys! It was a true success for our first Bougie B for Single Moms act.

Check out our Events page for our next Bougie B for Single Moms charity drive!