About Us

About Bougie Bitch Wine

Life is Short. Drink Bougie Bitch!

Let’s enjoy life’s simple pleasures without any of the unnecessary snobbery or elitism that’s often associated with wine. Whether it’s for much needed solo me-time, meeting up with friends for a let-loose ladies’ night or an urgent bitch session, grab a bottle and laugh it out!

Bougie Bitch is made for those who seek a casual and fun experience. Sourced from select premium California vineyards, our delicious wine brings people together, lifting spirits and fostering genuine connections. It’s about confident individuals, owning their bougie, coming together, sharing laughter, and simply feeling good. With Bougie Bitch, there are no barriers—just a shared appreciation for great wine and fun times.

Why I Created The All Time Fun Wine
This wine company was started by a woman, for women — women who love wine, wanna kick back and have a great time! Introducing the sui generis fun time wine — BOUGIE BITCH. Although this wine wasn’t made for the wine connoisseur, the taste will rival the best of wines. All of us women live courageously. We gracefully flow through the day-to-day ups and downs. There is never any doubt that we are stronger together. So grab your best gal pals, relax, laugh, be yourself and just get BOUGIE! Drink, sip, and enjoy. For those of us who have been one and those of us who have known one. Bottoms up and Bougie out!

--Devon Dempsey, Founder & CEO.